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Appetite control

This inhaler pen helps keep your snack cravings under control or help you reach for healthier alternatives instead.


With this energy inhaler pen you get a boatload of benefits. Its top benefit is that you can get yourself an instant and natural energy boost whenever and wherever you need it most. It also has a positive effect on your breathing and helps with concentration.


The relieve inhaler can help relieve symptoms such as migraines, muscle and joint pain, stomach aches and cramps. Each ingredient has its own scent and effect which contributes to the perfect blend to create the relieve inhaler.


Aside from helping you sleep faster, better and through the night, it's also used for its calming and stress relieving effects. You can finally wake up well rested to take on another day.

Elevate your quality of life. Simply, Instantly & Naturally.


Know the essentials ingredients in the Nasentia inhalers. Each inhaler pen has their own special blend of oils derived from nature.


Orange: Uplifting yet relaxing and stress reducing effect.

Lime: Stimulating and enhancing effect on mood

Peppermint: Very stimulating and supports focus

Eucalyptus: Invigorates and promotes feelings of a clear mind


Lemon: Perks up your mood

Bergamot: Uplifting, calming and alleviates stress

Levander: Promotes relaxation and wellness 

Peppermint: Decreases anxiety, frustration and fatigue

Cedarwood: Relaxes body and reduces stress due to its sedative qualities

Appetite control

Grapefruit: Helps suppress an overactive appetite

Lemon: Perks up your mood

Bergamot: Contains high levels of stress reducing limonene which helps suppress appetite

Peppermint: Encourages the release appetite suppressing hormones, especially leptin, while suppressing the release of the hunger hormone, ghrelin

Cinnamon: Helps suppress an overactive appetite and may improve blood sugar levels


Geranium: Has a reputation for relieving: cramps, migraines and even muscle pain

Juniper: Calming and grounding effect

Wintergreen: Uplifting with soothing propertiesCajuput: Anti-inflammatory, painkiller effect and helps prevent growth of diseases

Vetiver: Supports immune system and has calming properties

How to use

Shake, twist, hold under your nose, and inhale.


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